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Create a SharePoint list using InfoPath 2010

Create a SharePoint list using InfoPath 2010

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This week’s “5 for forms” video demo continues the theme of SharePoint list customization. In the 1st video in this series, Daniel Broekman showed how you can take an existing list on SharePoint and customize the form for that list in InfoPath.

In this week’s video demo, Ines Khelifi, a developer on the InfoPath team shows how you can create a new SharePoint list and custom form directly from InfoPath Designer.

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Enjoy and please send us your feedback!

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  • It seems that this video is hosted on very slow server.

  • There seem to have been intermittent problems on These issues should be resolved now.

  • Where's the audio?  I'm not on mute (I checked).  

  • Can I use IP2010 to create a new Content Type in an existing list?

  • The audio is not functioning with the video.

  • Gee, love to learn from this video... hard to do with no sound!

  • ... there I was thinking it was me, checking all my settings.  THERE IS STILL NO AUDIO!  Does anyone read these posts?

  • Good video.. Sound works well too !!!

  • It's been 2 years and still no audio!  Really.

  • Video is great, great sound, no place to download video for later use.

  • Can't follow your machine-gun pace.

  • I agree.. Great demo... video freezes up

  • Does this require an Enterprise license?

  • can you please read the comments and fix the audio please... not sure

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