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Create Code-Free Mashups with InfoPath and SharePoint Web Parts

Create Code-Free Mashups with InfoPath and SharePoint Web Parts

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Hi, My name is Nicholas Lovell and I’m a developer on the InfoPath team. In this video demo, I will walk through how to create a simple portal page for processing claims at an insurance company. This claims portal includes a SharePoint Web Part with a list of all the claims, an InfoPath Web Part that displays the claim details, and a custom Bing Maps Web part which displays the location of the currently selected claim.

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  • Love the idea of using InfoPath forms in a mash-up; I spend alot of time doing similar this. Would love to know how you created your multi-tab InfoPath form - I am guessing using image buttons or something and rules to switch views?

  • For instructions on how to create a tabbed UI using picture buttons, check out this blog post:

  • These demos go way to fast.  Do you have a step by step demo on how to create all the pieces and pages...

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