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Person / Group Picker Improvements in InfoPath 2010

Person / Group Picker Improvements in InfoPath 2010

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Hi, this is Frank Mueller, a developer on the InfoPath team. In this post which is the first of two blog posts about the Person / Group picker, I want to tell you about the improvements we’ve made to this control in InfoPath 2010.

The Person / Group Picker (aka contact selector) control allows you to type or select users and groups from a SharePoint site, and validate those users against a directory provider. In InfoPath 2010, the Person / Group Picker control is now a 1st class citizen and is available out of the box in the controls gallery! With the new and improved person / group picker, we have eliminated the detailed steps required to insert and configure this control in your forms (the blog post outlining these steps has been one of our most viewed posts). In addition to making the control available in the controls gallery out of the box, we have added new features to improve its integration into SharePoint scenarios.

For information on how to upgrade InfoPath 2007 forms with Person/Group Picker controls to InfoPath 2010, click here.

Adding the Person/Group Picker to your form

From the Controls Gallery on the Home tab or the Controls task pane, click the Person/Group Picker to insert it into the view.

Controls Gallery

Specifying a SharePoint site to query for people and groups

The Person/Group Picker needs to connect to a SharePoint site to be able to function. Specify the SharePoint site as follows, unless you have already published the form to a SharePoint site, in which case that site will be used.

  1. Right-click the control in the view and select Person/Group Picker Properties from the context menu
  2. In the Person/Group Picker Properties dialog, select the SharePoint Server tab
  3. Type the URL of the SharePoint site you want to query

    Control Properties

  4. Click OK to close the dialog

Specifying data validation (optional)

In InfoPath 2010 it is now possible to mark the field the people picker is bound to as Cannot be blank. This means that users will not be able to submit a form without having entered at least one valid person or group in the control. You can mark a field as required by doing the following:

  1. Select the control in the view
  2. In the Properties tab in the Modify chunk, click the Cannot be blank checkbox



Testing the control

Preview the form in InfoPath Designer or publish the form to a SharePoint site and view the form, enter a name or logon alias, click the “Check Names” button and resolve the name! Alternatively, you can click the “Address book” button to perform a search if you do not know the complete name of the user.

For information on how to upgrade InfoPath 2007 forms with Person/Group Picker controls to InfoPath 2010, check out my other post here.

Frank Mueller

InfoPath Developer

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  • This is well and good, but I want to be able to see the list of users in the group so I don't have to guess at the names.  I am finding very little useful (no-code) information on the internet.  I would think this is a very common request especially if an organization is using role-based security in Active Directory and they don't want to use SharePoint groups.

    Any suggestions?

  • OK, but how do you promote the person/group field in InfoPath as a person/group field in the SharePoint form library?

  • I'd also like the possibility to promote (publish) the person/group field as you can with lists.

  • I still do not understand why you can only pull down the users name, Network Username and type witout rewriting code.  There has to be an wasier way to query Active Directory and fill a form with this information.  Any ideas?

  • Infopath 2010 > SharePoint 2010 > Exchange 2010 > Outlook 2010.

    My form is working until I email the form from SPS 2010 to myself. Viewing the form in my inbox, formatting of the form included in the body of the email does not look like it did in Infopath. When I open the email the area that takes up the form exceeds the width of my viewing window and requires scroll bars to see all the fields on the form.

    When printing the form from my email the area is so large that no data will show up in the printable area (it appears to be centered on the form and it is cutting off the "extra content" to the left and right which contains the form data as the user entered it). I also forwarded the email to a person who's using Outlook 2010 and they experienced the same problems as myself.

    Is there a trick to set up for Forms Services before it converts the form to an aspx page? brockett99(at)

  • Why dont I see the Sharepoint Server Tab? I am using InfoPath 2010

  • Tara411,

    The SharePoint Server Tab is only present for InfoPath Filler forms (see File/Form Options/Compatibility) because there's no guarantee such forms will be linked to a SharePoint site. Once a template is published to a site, the people picker resolves against that site.

  • No, it doesn't. Well, at least when publishing to SharePoint 2007 it doesn't. I'm still having to add Context.xml as a data connection.

    Anyone know how to get the People Picker to automatically set itself to who opened the form? I tried setting AccountId to userName() as a default value, but it didn't work

  • I'mtrying to use the People Picker, but it does not appear in the Form. There occurs an error: "One or more ActiveX Controls could not be displayed". There appears only the small red x in the form instead.

    Any suggestions? This should be something with the IE security settings of my company, but which setting is it?

  • How to promote the people picker value to Form library Person and group column?

  • is it possible to add validation rule to Person control bound to SharePoint group like must have value when another field is set or so?

    I don't even get the option to set cannot be blank but I guess that's due to the field which is set to allow blank

    else I wanted to put validation on submit button but it doesn't allow it

  • Still lacking out of the box way to select email or other user profile information... in read only mode it will always display the DisplayName -- can't even output the presence information?  SIGH.

  • I want two fields on people picker change event. But i am getting an error box specifying Error in processing the form.

    Also it specifies that error in call back

  • We use a form to create and modify users ad accounts. The contact selector only retrieves active accounts. Unfortunately, when the person submitting the form enters a user name that for a person with an expired account they receive an ugly error. Is there a way to pull active and expired accounts?

  • Hi,

    Like Lars Bo Wassini, I cannot tick the check box "Cannot be blank".

    My InfoPath form is a workflow form for a workflow created with Nintex in a SharePoint 2010 library.



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