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Using Multiple Views in Customized List Forms

Using Multiple Views in Customized List Forms

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Hi, my name is Laura Harrington, and I’m a program manager on the InfoPath team. In this short video demo, I will show how you can optimize the form filling experience for different tasks and users by creating multiple custom views in your customized SharePoint list forms.

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  • there is no audio. can you repost the video?


  • Found no audio on different PC.

    Can someore re-post?

    many thanks

  • The videos do have audio. There are some known issues with audio drivers on some operating systems. Are you running Windows XP SP3?

  • Thanks Laura, this is really good. I did not know Infopath was so flexible and that you could link a list item to a form view by linking data on 2 web parts. Excellent.

  • Is there documentation that allows someone to reconstruct this from start to finish? I think it would serve as an excellent tutorial.

  • uhh... looks cool, but a bit too quick to keep up with (for a newbie)

    (I also had trouble with the audio on my Win XP machine)

  • can we at least get the infopath templates or any tutorial ?

    Also is it possible to show different views to different roles according to loginname,thanks

  • It's nice... but are you in rush? can you document this. Thanks

  • This is what i needed, and yes I have to agree to some extent with the previous poster about the documentation. On the other hand i learned alot from figuring this out myself. I didnt know about InfoPath before a couple of months ago, since then its probably the application I have used the most hehe.  

    Tnx for sharing

  • Annoying jerky download with IE 8 - quite difficult to follow along when some bits were only 4 words long

  • Hi Laura, I'm interested in the Helpdesk Demo form in the video.  Would you be able to share the template?  I'm still learning Infopath and I'm also wanting to create a Helpdesk forms.  Thank you.

  • Hi Laura, Great video. Is there documentation that allows someone to reconstruct this?


  • Great information - but it moves too quickly. Is there a document or tutorial that supports this?  Would be great to have the templates, too.

    Also, Not that great a view of the screen to actually see what you were doing. Suggest you do closeup of screen when doing the steps.

  • no audio on my pc either,  why bother

  • This was great, would a copy so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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