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Create a Rating Control using Picture Buttons

Create a Rating Control using Picture Buttons

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In this short video demo, Matt Bielich from the InfoPath test team shows how you can add a rating control to your InfoPath 2010 forms using picture buttons.

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  • I think it really demonstrates how far IP has come and how it has really stepped up when users have asked for IP forms to be more intuitive for the end users. Great work!

  • Very cool.  Question - any tips on storing these ratings for certain users?  For example, I have a form that will be accessed by users multiple times, but I don't want them to rate more than once (like Netflix).

    Also, in a case where a form can store multiple ratings from different users, is there a way to average them on SharePoint?

  • Do you have a step-by-step guide with or without screenshots? That will really help. the clicks  moves somewhat too fast. Thanks.

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