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  • Blog Post: Using Multiple Views in Customized List Forms

    Hi, my name is Laura Harrington, and I’m a program manager on the InfoPath team. In this short video demo, I will show how you can optimize the form filling experience for different tasks and users by creating multiple custom views in your customized SharePoint list forms.
  • Blog Post: Add items to a SharePoint list using managed code

    In this video demo, Phil Newman shows how you can write managed code in an InfoPath form to add items to a SharePoint list, and then publish this form as a sandboxed solution to SharePoint. In InfoPath 2010, forms with code can now be published directly to SharePoint without requiring the farm administrator...
  • Blog Post: Cool Forms! Team Status Tracking Form

    This week’s cool InfoPath form is a form used by one of the teams at Microsoft to track their status. It uses conditional formatting for color coding the status to make it easy to see progress at a glance. By recording team status on their SharePoint site, everyone knows how the team is doing and where...
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