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Bob Familiar details OuterLinks adoption of Windows 7, Silverlight and Bing Maps. OuterLink, a leader in the high value asset tracking industry is using Silverlight, Bing Maps and Windows 7 to drive innovation in this safety and security focused business.

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OuterLink, based in Lowell, MA, builds high value asset tracking and communication technology. OuterLink creates the technology that allows users to track the location of their high value assets (aircraft, ambulances, etc.) in real-time on an interactive map and communicate with the pilot/driver in situations where traditional communication is not available. Their solution is used in life and death situations so speed and reliability are critical to their success.

OuterLink chose the Microsoft Platform for their solution because it allows them to bring leading edge, fast, secure, reliable, rich innovative solutions to their customers faster than their competition. Their customers require it and OuterLink delivers.

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