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  • Blog Post: Exploring Multi-Touch in Silverlight

    One of the coolest new features in Silverlight 3 (and now 4) is the ability to add multi-touch capabilities to your web application.  This capability opens-up all kinds of new possibilities – especially with the popular new multi-touch hardware systems available these days like the TouchSmart PC...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 - Windows 7 Multi-Touch Game

    Here is the first-ever on-line game that combines the power of Silverlight 3 with Windows 7 Multi-Touch to give you a browser experience like never before!  If you own a Multi-Touch computer and have Windows 7 Installed, you are in for a treat.  Silverlight 3.0 now supports Multi-Touch. ...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Multi-touch Devices: What They Are and Where You Get Them

    One new and exciting feature of Windows 7 is its support for multi-touch devices. For developers this means that they can now easily write applications using the multi-touch APIs to interact with the devices. There are several devices available (or will soon be available) in the market, such as HP’s...
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