This week the team finished up the final UX design, put the backend systems in place and launched the "MSDN and TechNet Labs" project to promote innovation and community involvement with our team.

I wanted to outline the goals, charter and how we are managing the lab projects.


  • Publicly incubate experiences & technologies
  • Promote and showcase resonant ideas
  • Evolve or kill ideas that fail to resonate


  • Enable motivated team members to express ideas
  • Trust and support them in bringing their ideas to fruition
  • Interact with our Customer Community
  • Incorporate feedback into development cycle


  • Comprehensive Development Environment
  • Flexible Public Sandbox
  • Enable Rapid Prototyping and Evolution


  • Focus on projects that add value for our customers
  • Build on our Products and Platforms
  • Influence product planning and management

The goal of the effort it to reach out and encourage the community give us input into how we bring features and services to our Developer and IT Professional audiences.

The leaders of the team will be posting here regularly and providing an overview into the strategies of the projects and our learning’s incubating projects in the lab. We are using Visual Studio Team System for the development platform and we will post our best practices as we prototype and then move those codebases into production systems.

Larry W Jordan Jr - Product Unit Manager for MSDN and TechNet Infrastructure Team