Today we are launching the MSDN and TechNet Labs and opening it up to the various teams that I work with.  It is the accumulation of a lot of work on dedicated members of our team to provide a means to incubate ideas and offer a framework for projects to gather feedback from the community.


One of the key pillars in encouraging innovation in our team was to provide a means for the frictionless incubation of ideas and get them in front of the community to gather feedback see what resonates. We have been doing this for a while with the MSDN and TechNet Search project and it really set the bar on how we wanted to proceed.


We are encouraging this by having them gather their team, get their goals and the project plan ready, assigning the roles and filling out a project submission application via our internal SharePoint site using InfoPath. They may also submit the project for consideration in the Quarterly Innovation Contest and everyone gets a limited edition Labs T-Shirt and then qualifies to be judged as the best entrant for the quarter and win a pro-edition XBOX 360.


We do some cool stuff here at Microsoft and this is just another approach to fostering ideas from our highly talented team members. Maybe you are interested in joining our team?


The externally facing home page for Labs is @


The externally facing blog for the Lab to be used by the leads is @


Larry W Jordan Jr - Product Unit Manager for MSDN and TechNet Infrastructure Team