The Library Experience (LEX) team is proud to announce the release of low bandwidth (loband) Beta! Please check-out Mary Lee from VB team and Beth Massi from VS Community team recently blogged about MSDN/Technet/Expression library loband experience. Microsoft MVP John Galloway posted details on the loband feature of library at

Based on your feedback on the above posts we have launched a beta version of new loband experience fo our Library.


Mechanics behind loband experience:

Loband pages allow no script and are designed to improve page load performance for our long haul international users.  We currently support the following views in the library to change the presentation for different devices: 

For the loband view we use a cookie and for the Help viewer (ide) and other views we rely on the user agent.  Our current logic is to honor the user agent string over the cookie setting. Loband is High Value for Long Haul due to the following improvments:

  1. Simpler Layout: Loband view replaces the navigation tree view on the left with a simpler layout.
  2. Smaller Page Weight: With no scripts and controls we have trimmed the loband version page weight by 80%.
  3. Faster Page Load: Less than 1 second load in most regions across the world compared to 3 to 7 seconds for a high bandwidth view.
  4. Improved Navigation for API documentation: I have screen shots below for System.xml page as an example for the improved navigation.
  5. Discoverability for non-english users: I have screen shots below for Japanese pages of System.xml with discoverability features.
  6. Feedback Link: We have added "feedback" link on the loband pages to get your input for future improvements.

The following System.xml pages provide the new TOC navigation for API pages:

  • Click on NameTable Class link on the TOC. The Class page TOC is displayed between MSDN Home and System.xml Namespace TOC for improved navigation.


The following System.xml page in Japanese provide the discoverability link for international users. We have added similar links to all non-English pages:


  • Clicking the above highligted link will navigate to the loband Japanese page of System.xml. See screen shot below:

We would love to hear your feedback. Please click on the Feedback link on the top right corner of the loband pages to provide us with your suggestions for improvements. Cheers.