The Library Experience (LEX) team is proud to announce the release of "lightweight beta view" for MSDN library! Please check-out the new library view at

We blogged about ScriptFree (loband) version of the library view at In addition, Scott Hanselman from MSDN team blogged about MSDN/Technet/Expression library ScriptFree experience at Microsoft MVP John Galloway posted details on the ScriptFree feature of library at

Based on your feedback on the above posts and from the Library Feedback Forum, we have launched a new view for MSDN Library with the following improvements:

  1. Search: We have added "Bing" search to our library topics (which is missing in ScriptFree view) based on your feedback.
  2. Simpler Layout with Fresh, clean new look: Lightweight view replaces the navigation tree view on the left with a simpler layout.
  3. Smaller Page Weight and Faster Page Load: With minimal scripts and controls we currently measure 2.5 seconds worldwide page load time for lightweight view.
  4. Improved Navigation for API documentation: I have screen shots below for System.xml NameTable class page as an example for the improved navigation. We have added tabbed code blocks based on your feedback.
  5. Discoverability: We have added temporary "Switcher" control for improved discoverability.
  6. Feedback Link: We have added temporary "feedback" control to get your input for future improvements.

The following System.xml NameTable class page provides the new lightweight view for API pages:

  • Using the "switch view" selection, you can "persist lightweight view" as your default library experience. Click on "Feedback" link to rate and send us your feedback about this view:

We would love to hear your feedback. Please provide us your input using the new Feedback control in the library pages or through the feedback forum . We plan on blogging monthly with updates to lightweight presentations. Cheers.