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  • Blog Post: Launching lightweight Beta view for MSDN library!

    The Library Experience (LEX) team is proud to announce the release of " lightweight beta view" for MSDN library ! Please check-out the new library view at . We blogged about ScriptFree (loband) version of the library view at http://blogs...
  • Blog Post: MSDN: "The Highlander" and there will be only one!

    Building and evolving the MSDN site is a challenge. I am not stating this to try to impress you with a “gee that is hard" vibe, but to acknowledge that when you run systems and sites that have histories that span multi-year life cycles (decades wrt MSDN <g/>), you have a whole different responsibility...
  • Blog Post: Upcoming "Friends of MSDN/TechNet Library Garage" Event in Bellevue, WA

    Please head on over and join the "Friends of the MSDN Library" facebook group as we will be sending out invitations shortly! We are hosting a Feedback and Garage event on Thursday, July 31st in Bellevue to show the latest design comps and...
  • Blog Post: New Package This! - Supports Community Content

    You can take it with you! The new 1.3 version of version of Package This! Now supports exporting Community Content to .hxs and .chm files. It is also simplified into a single .exe. You can download from CodePlex @
  • Blog Post: Interested in Helping us Shape the Next Version of the MSDN Library?

    We have put a facebook group together to aggregate together the folks who want to work with us to provide feedback, usability and ideas for the next generation of the MSDN Library. We call this project Library 3.0 and we will be organizing events and presentations from this group to bring us together...
  • Blog Post: New Forums 3.0 Launches

    Sam makes note on the new Forums 3.0 software launched for the Community 1.0 platform . Lots of hard work here, check it out. Larry W Jordan Jr - Product Unit Manager for MSDN and TechNet Infrastructure Team
  • Blog Post: MSDN Wiki turns one year old

    Soma posted on the MSDN Wiki being one year old . It has been a fun project and we have lots more in store for the coming year!
  • Blog Post: MSDN Library Performance Update

    You have told us in many forums and blog posts over the last year that the continued corpus of documentation and features in the MSDN library has affected the page weights and site performance and we have heard you. In response, we kicked off a project to address these issues and look at the technologies...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Tagging Launches

    The MSDN Team Launched Tagging across the entire corpus of the MSDN Library (it is present anyplace that Community Content is enabled) and we are ready for your Folksonomies! The MTPS Tagging feature enables customers and authors to add and remove visible keyword tags to both topic pages and wiki...
  • Blog Post: You Can Take it With You - New CodePlex Project for MSDN2 Content Packaging

    Today Erik and the team launched a new CodePlex project that allows you to package content dynamically from MSDN2 Library Content and build CHM or HxS files for the ultimate in content portability. It allows you to craft libraries specific to a project or set of technologies and bring technical content...
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