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  • Blog Post: New MSDN,TechNet and Expressions Subscriptions UX Re-Launched

    We have taken a bunch of your feedback and last night we updated the UX for downloads for MSDN, TechNet and Expression subscriptions. You can read the entire update post from Chris Deluca who leads the development team for the Subscriptions site and platform @
  • Blog Post: New Subscriber Downloads Mock-ups

    We want your feedback! Check out the new Mockups for the MSDN Subscriber Site for the interface for managing your subscription and downloads with MSDN. We value your feedback and you can interact with team directly @ ...
  • Blog Post: MSDN: "The Highlander" and there will be only one!

    Building and evolving the MSDN site is a challenge. I am not stating this to try to impress you with a “gee that is hard" vibe, but to acknowledge that when you run systems and sites that have histories that span multi-year life cycles (decades wrt MSDN <g/>), you have a whole different responsibility...
  • Blog Post: Upcoming "Friends of MSDN/TechNet Library Garage" Event in Bellevue, WA

    Please head on over and join the "Friends of the MSDN Library" facebook group as we will be sending out invitations shortly! We are hosting a Feedback and Garage event on Thursday, July 31st in Bellevue to show the latest design comps and...
  • Blog Post: Interested in Helping us Shape the Next Version of the MSDN Library?

    We have put a facebook group together to aggregate together the folks who want to work with us to provide feedback, usability and ideas for the next generation of the MSDN Library. We call this project Library 3.0 and we will be organizing events and presentations from this group to bring us together...
  • Blog Post: Invitation to MVP's attending the MVP Summit - Come Hear About our New Community Content System

    Hello MVP's! I invite you to attend our session on our brand new edge-based system and tools that supports the direct contribution of MVP Articles and Technical Documents to MSDN and TechNet Libraries. TITLE : Help - MVP Publishing Opportunities on MSDN with WorkPlace BR389 WHEN: Wednesday, April 16...
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