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  • Blog Post: Launching lightweight Beta view for MSDN library!

    The Library Experience (LEX) team is proud to announce the release of " lightweight beta view" for MSDN library ! Please check-out the new library view at . We blogged about ScriptFree (loband) version of the library view at http://blogs...
  • Blog Post: You Can Take it With You - New CodePlex Project for MSDN2 Content Packaging

    Today Erik and the team launched a new CodePlex project that allows you to package content dynamically from MSDN2 Library Content and build CHM or HxS files for the ultimate in content portability. It allows you to craft libraries specific to a project or set of technologies and bring technical content...
  • Blog Post: The Buzz Control

    The "buzz" control launched in the MSDN/TechNet Labs today . It leverages cool features available in Microsoft Live Search . Try it with some URL's that have lots pointers like the following... . Net 3.0 Download -
  • Blog Post: My Team Launched our Internal Innovation Contest - You Benefit!

    Today we are launching the MSDN and TechNet Labs and opening it up to the various teams that I work with. It is the accumulation of a lot of work on dedicated members of our team to provide a means to incubate ideas and offer a framework for projects to gather feedback from the community. One of...
  • Blog Post: Announcing the Launch of MSDN and TechNet Labs

    This week the team finished up the final UX design, put the backend systems in place and launched the " MSDN and TechNet Labs " project to promote innovation and community involvement with our team. I wanted to outline the goals, charter and how we are managing the lab projects. Vision Publicly...
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