Welcome to the Intellipad Team Blog!


Intellipad is what has previously been described as emacs.net. We like to think of Intellipad as a light-weight text editing tool with extensible hooks for both simple and sophisticated language services. Intellipad provides a text editing experience for the "Oslo" modeling platform.


We thought we'd start out by introducing ourselves. The Intellipad team is a 5 person interdisciplinary feature team in the "Oslo" modeling platform team.

Hoop: I'm Hoop Somuah, the one authoring this post. I've been working on the Intellipad team for about 3 months now. Other teams I've worked on here at Microsoft include the Zune Web Services team, the Xbox Live team and the Windows Communication Foundation team. I'm very excited about connected systems and the tools that make it easier for people to build them.

Lynn: Lynn Gasch is the newest member of the intellipad team. In her own words: "I recently joined the Intellipad team and am learning the ropes. When I had my informational interview and got my first look at Ipad, I was really impressed with its slick UI, configurability, and transparency (won't it be great not to fight with tools that do things for us but hide how to fix them when they're wrong?!). We have some great features planned for the next milestone and I am excited to be here to help implement them. As a new user and developer of Ipad, I will probably be going through some of the same steps as you, so I am glad to have a place here to dialog about our experiences."

Sara: Sara Wong joined the Intellipad team about 6 months ago. Prior to joining the Intellipad team Sara worked on the Windows Communication Foundation and Silverlight. Her favorite hobby is Snowboarding. Sara would be a samurai but we can't have a samurai and a ninja on the same team.

Super Ninja: If you follow Doug Purdy's blog or attended the Lap Around "Oslo" talk at PDC, then you've already heard of Vijaye Raji the Super Ninja. In addition to his work on Intellipad, Vijaye is also the main developer behind Small Basic.

'Q': Quetzal Bradley is the engineering lead for Intellipad. He has a shiny metal desk and has some interesting ideas on testing after unit tests and code coverage.

5 out of many

The 5 of us aren't the only brains behind Intellipad. As part of the "Oslo" team we're fortunate to be able to draw ideas and opinions from a very diverse spectrum of extremely talented engineers. Hopefully in time you will get to meet some of them here or on other related "Oslo" blogs.

I'll end this post with a pointer to the Oslo Dev Center where you can get access to Intellipad along with the rest of the Oslo SDK. You'll also find a link to the MSDN Forums where we will keep an eye out for your questions, suggestions and other feedback.