An earlier post by Quetzal went over how you can customize Intellipad menu bar. In this post I would like to show how Intellipad can be customized to bind to your favorite shortcut of your favorite command easily.

In this example, I would like to have the RouteMiniBuffer command to bind to Ctrl+Space also. Below window show the existing keyboard bindings:

In order to do the binding customization, you will need to open KeyboardBindings.xcml in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\Bin\Intellipad\Settings\VisualStudio\KeyboardBindings.xcml:

As Quetzal pointed out earlier, you will need to have Administrator permissions to overwrite KeyboardBindings.xcml in the October 2008 CTP on Vista. Either launch Intellipad as Administrator or change the permission on the file from the windows explorer.

Now, let's tell Intellipad to have Ctrl+Space be another binding for RouteMiniBuffer, in addition to the existing two bindings:

Save the change, and let's tell Intellipad to reload its settings (Ctrl+Alt+F5 or invoke the '{Microsoft.Intellipad}ReloadSettings' command). The edit menu should appear with the changes after a short delay:

The help -> commands menu is now also updated with your latest keyboard bindings preference:

That should be it!