The Intellipad October CTP ships with some extra capabilities that are not enabled by default. Some of these are interesting extras, like the column indicator behavior, and others were still "in progress" like the IronPython language services plugin. The easiest way to get these capabilities is to use the supplied shortcut to launch intellipad with samples enabled:

Or from the command line: ipad.exe /c:ipad-vs-samples.xaml

So, what are the rewards of running Intellipad this way? For starters you get the MGrammar mode as described by Hoop in an earlier post. In addition, you also get a python mode and a sql mode. Both of these modes give syntax coloring, and the python mode also provides syntax error squiggles:

Above you can see I have enabled the Line number behavior in the buffer view containing untitled3:

I set untitle3 to PythonMode by invoking the mini-buffer (Ctrl+/) and typing SetMode('PythonMode').

I created a new split by typing Ctrl+W,H (or I could have used the Window menu). In the new split I typed Ctrl+O to open an existing file in the new buffer view (or I could have chosen the File|Open menu). The file I selected was "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\Samples\Northwind\Northwind.m". Then I chose the "M Mode"|"Reach SQL Preview" menu to generate SQL from the northwind model. However, this opened a new split on the right which is not where I wanted to see the SQL:

So I closed the reachsql split, typed Ctrl+W,V to create the new split below, and clicked the Northwind.m dropdown to change the buffer selected in that buffer view:

I selected mtfm://reachsql/ and I'm almost happy. Unfortunately there is a known bug in the CTP that the SqlMode gets lost when loading the buffer in a new buffer view. I fixed that by once again invoking the mini-buffer using Ctrl+/, and typing SetMode('SqlMode').

If you are wondering how I changed the color scheme for syntax coloring from the default shades-of-gray to blue, green, and red then I would be happy to tell you. Just edit the file "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\Bin\Intellipad\Settings\ClassificationFormats.xcml". Here is where I made the keywords blue:

There is a column indicator behavior available off of the Window menu that highlights the 120th column in a subtle shade. Source code for this behavior is available in the "Sample Source" directory adjacent to the Settings directory.

Finally there is a proof of concept of an MSchema REPL. It is activated by typing SetMode('MScriptMode') in the minibuffer. Then you can type in valid MSchema program fragments and see the results:

Have fun!