September, 2012

  • Interoperability @ Microsoft

    Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java – September 2012 Preview


    The Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java (by Microsoft Open Technologies) – September 2012 Preview has been released. This service update includes a number of additional bug fixes since the August 2012 Preview, as well as some feedback-driven usability enhancements in existing features:

    • Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server as the development OS, resolving issues previously preventing the plugin from working properly on those operating systems
    • Improved support for specifying endpoint port ranges
    • Bug fixes related to file paths containing spaces
    • Role context menu improvements for faster access to role-specific configuration settings
    • Minor refinements in the “Publish to cloud” wizard and a number of additional bug fixes

    You can learn more about the plugin on the Windows Azure Dev Center.

    To learn how to install the plugin, go here.

    Martin Sawicki
    Principal Program Manager
    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
    A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

  • Interoperability @ Microsoft

    Open Sourcing POSH-NPM, a set of Powershell scripts to enable tab-completion for NPM commands


    Two weeks ago we released a .NET library for NPM, today we are releasing a small utility that will make easier for Windows developers to use NPM in Powershell.

    Posh-npm is a set of Powershell scripts that enable tab completion on the Powershell console for all NPM commands. For instance by typing npm ins<tab> in Powershell will complete the command by listing all available commands that starts with ins.

    The WebMatrix team is working on adding console support for node.js and will be using the posh-npm library to provide tab completion in WebMatrix as well.

    Special thanks to Keith Dahlby’s posh-git project, it made our life much easier.

    Claudio Caldato
    Principal Program Manager
    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

  • Interoperability @ Microsoft

    MongoDB Seattle recap


    DSC_4062Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the MongoDB Seattle conference down along the Seattle waterfront at Bell Harbor Conference Center. It was a great way to end a week of MongoDB-related activities around Seattle and Redmond! I met many people who are working with MongoDB and considering their options for cloud deployment, and I co-presented with 10gen software engineer Sridhar Nanjundeswaran on “MongoDB and Windows Azure.”

    On the day before the conference, I caught up with Aaron Heckman, Node.js engineer at 10gen, and we recorded a video of a cool demo app he had built and deployed on Windows Azure that uses Node.js and MongoDB. Aaron knows Node.js and MongoDB very well but had never worked with Windows Azure before, so his experience is a great example of how quickly and easily Node+Mongo developers can deploy apps on Azure.

    Thanks to the team at 10gen for putting on a great event, and thanks to everyone who participated and helped make it so useful and fun! You can find links to additional information about deploying MongoDB on Windows Azure over on the 10gen blog, and also be sure to check out the Windows Azure section on

    For those on the US east coast, MongoDB Boston is coming up on October 24, and my colleague Jim O’Neil will be presenting on the details of running MongoDB on Windows Azure. To find other MongoDB events check out the events page on 10gen’s site, and for information on upcoming Windows Azure events see the Windows Azure Events page on

    Doug Mahugh
    Senior Technical Evangelist
    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

  • Interoperability @ Microsoft

    Open sourcing, a .NET library for the Node.js package manager (npm)


    Today I’m happy to announce the open source release of the library. This is the same library that the WebMatrix team used to implement the NPM package discovery feature as explained in Justin’s blog. The library gives developers using managed code access to NPM commands to, for instance, deploy or update node.js modules on a client machine.

    We are releasing the source code of the library today so developers that are interested in building automation tools or any other sort of integration between node.js and .NET can leverage some of the work we have done for the WebMatrix team.

    Claudio Caldato
    Principal Program Manager
    Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

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