Redis on Windows – stable and reliable

Redis on Windows – stable and reliable

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The MS Open Tech team has been spending quite a bit of time testing the latest build of Redis for Windows (available for download from the MS Open Tech Github repo). As we approach completion of our test plan, we thought we’d share some very promising results.

In phase I of our stress testing, we put Redis on Windows through various tests with execution times ranging from 1 to 16 days, and configurations ranging from a simple single-master setup to more complex configurations such as the one shown below, with one master and four replicas. You can find an overview of the testing strategy and configurations that we used on the wiki page here.


The results are encouraging – we found only one bug, which we’ve already fixed.

These tests have been done with the port of the Redis 2.6.8 version from Linux to Windows, and this version includes all of the work we announced in January, including 64-bit support. Our goal is to ensure developers that they can trust using Redis on Windows on scenarios where reliability is an important requirement, and we plan to keep testing the code on more ‘demanding’ scenarios to assure that we haven’t missed anything.

If you have comments or recommendations on any scenario we should add to our test plan, or any other suggestions on how we can improve our testing strategy, please let us know. We’ll be happy to consider using any app or scenario that Redis developers feel would be a good test case for Redis.

Claudio Caldato
Principal Program Manager Lead
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

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