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January, 2008

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    Community Launch Tour 2008 Video


    As per my last post, Dave, Bob and I will be hitting the road for the Community Launch this week. Want to see where we're going? Take a look at the below video that I put together using, pretty cool :-) Double click for full-screen to get the full effect!


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    Conferences, Launches and Talks, Oh My


    It's no secret that there are a million and one things occurring in Ireland for developers over the next couple of weeks.  I'm going to pimp a few in case you've missed any of these so that you can get them on your calendar.



    TechLudd is a total non-event, what more can I say?  Come along and chat with Paddy's Valley-goers, entrepreneurs, and people simply genuinely interested in technology.  Be sure to RSVP here!

    When: Thursday, January 24th from 7pm

    Where: Odessa Club, Dublin


    MTUG Community Launches: Belfast, Cork, Galway and Dublin

    I'll be joining Dave Northey, Ronan Geraghty, and Bob Duffy to visit user groups and students in Belfast, Cork, Galway and Dublin over the next couple of weeks.  Microsoft is launching Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 this Spring!  The community launch events are a chance for you to get a sneak peak at all the best features of the new products. Events will have content for both Developers and IT Pros. 

    You'll get to see:

    • LINQ and all the new productivity features in Visual Studio 2008
    • Windows Server 2008 Virtualisation, Server Core, NAP and IIS 7.0
    • New SQL Server 2008 features to help build and manage BI Solutions and new SQL Server data types

    When & Where: 

    Belfast: 31 January from 2pm - 8:30pm at the Radisson Hotel

    Cork: 4 February from 2pm - 8:30pm at the Rochestown Park Hotel

    Galway: 6 February from 2pm - 8:30pm at the G Hotel

    Dublin: 13 February from 2pm - 8:30pm at the Morrisson Hotel

    Be sure to register at - spaces are limited, and we have lots of great giveaways and prizes, so you don't want to miss out!!


    Irish Web Technology Conference

    The IWTC is a four-day conference held in Dublin's Cineworld complex to discuss and educate about all things web in Ireland.  Join us to learn about web design, web development, and other web technology sessions, as well as events like DemoCon and speaker panels.  Registration opens early next week.

    When: Tuesday, February 26th - Friday, February 29th

    Where: Cineworld, Dublin



    Irish Blog Awards Ladies' Tea Party

    The lovely Sabrina Dent and Ina O'Murchu have put together a tea party for all of Ireland's women bloggers to meet and greet before the Blog Awards.  I may skip the tea and cakes for martinis and olives...but I think this is a great idea for the Irish women to get to know each other and enjoy a nice low-key afternoon before the ceremony.

    When: 1 March from 4:30pm

    Where: The Market Bar on Fade Street, Dublin



    Irish Blog Awards

    Ireland's annual blog awards ceremony with categories like Best Designed Blog, Best Newcomer, Best Political Blog, Best Popculture Blog and more takes place the first Saturday of March.  Nominations are now closed, but judges are wanted.  Please see the website for more information if you're interested.

    When: March 1st at 7:30pm

    Where: Alexander Hotel, Dublin



    Web Camp on Social Network Portability

    This third WebCamp is on the topic of "Social Network Protability."  Featuring speakers like Ajit Joakar, Dan Brickley, Stephanie Booth, and Greg Tallent, the event will educate about social networking sites and how to solve the problem of porting information between various SNSs.  Please register on the website to let them know you will be participating.

    When: 2 March

    Where: Kingsley Hotel, Cork


    BlogTalk 2008

    BlogTalk 2008 is an international conference which will be two days of meetings, discussions, and exchanges of research, with attendees sharing their experiences, opinions, software developments, and tools.

    When: March 3 - March 4 starting at 9:15am

    Where: Kingsley Hotel, Cork



    Mix '08

    Okay so I confess that this one is not in Ireland unfortunately...  I wish it were!  It's in Las Vegas, and it's going to be a fantastic event including speakers like Steve Ballmer, Scott Guthrie and Guy Kawasaki.  It's a comprehensive program for designers, developers, and business decision makers including talks, demos, hands-on labs, workshops and more.  Early bird discounts are available until the end of January.

    When: March 5 - March 7th

    Where: The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas




    Following the success of PodCamp in Kilkenny last Autumn, registration is now open for CreativeCamp (and possibly also a bloggers' dinner in Kilkenny Friday, March 7th).  CreativeCamp is a free conference/gathering where entrepreneurs and people working in the technology and internet sectors meet to network and learn from each other. CreativeCamp extends the series by opening up to musicians, artists and all other creatives who want to explore the use of new media to promote their work and communicate their passion.

    When: March 8th

    NOTE: My original post had this from March 5th - March 7th, which was incorrect.  The date has been updated to the correct date of March 8th.  Thanks to Grannymar!

    Where: Parade Tower, Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny


    Wow.  It's definitely going to be busy!  Are you coming along?  Have questions about events or comments about speakers you're interested in seeing?  Drop me a line and let me know.  I will be along at almost all of these events - see you there!

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    Free Microsoft Press E-Book (Introducing Microsoft LINQ)


    Preview the first chapter from any of these Microsoft Press Visual Studio 2008 titles here, and then download the entire contents of Introducing Microsoft LINQ, as well as additional chapters from the other two titles.

    Introducing Microsoft LINQ
    by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo
    ISBN: 9780735623910

    • Chapter 1: LINQ Introduction
    • Chapter 2: C# Language Features
    • Chapter 3: Visual Basic 9.0 Language Features
    • Chapter 4: LINQ Syntax Fundamentals
    • Chapter 5: LINQ to ADO.NET
    • Chapter 6: LINQ to XML

    Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX
    by Dino Esposito
    ISBN: 9780735624139

    • Chapter 1: The AJAX Revolution
    • Chapter 5: The AJAX Control Toolkit

    Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0
    by Laurence Moroney
    ISBN: 9780735625396

    • Chapter 1: Silverlight and User Experience
    • Chapter 5: Programming Silverlight with JavaScript
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    GET [snip]System/Web/UI/Page.cs


    So I just set up debugging of the .NET framework source code as per the instructions on Shawn Burke's blog, which took all of a couple of minutes, fired up a test project and stepped into ListControl.cs to have a look at OnSelectedIndexChanged(). As you can see in the below, I'm in the middle of System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListControl:



    So I had to have a look see how it works, so I fired up Fiddler and retrieved Page.cs ... Yes, that Page.cs:



    It's pretty compelling reading, just spent about 30 minutes looking at the code for that one class alone. Wonder if it's possible to run the VS 2008 code metrics over it ;-)

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    Visual Studio 2008 certification, anyone?


    Microsoft Certification for Developers
    Join the Microsoft Certification team to find out what is coming for Visual Studio 2008 certification and to receive guidance on your next step in Visual Studio skills development. Follow the links below to register for a live meeting with the Microsoft Certification team:


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    The Lone Server - The last Windows Server 2003 left at


    Check out the video on this page about the life of the last Windows Server 2003 left at watched the longer version - what does that say about the amount of free time I have :-)?



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