Once upon a time there were icons to indicate a public method , a protected method , a static member  you get the picture.  A few years ago we were introduced to the new symbol , which indicates support for .NET compact framework.


Relatively recently, your trusty MSDN started using a new symbol -- .  Mousing over the image pops up the following tip – “Supported by the XNA Framework”.


Now the question is -- what is the XNA Framework?


The XNA Framework is a set of managed code (i.e. .NET) development libraries that increase productivity game developers for of Windows and Xbox 360. 


In case you’re curious, XNA is not an acronym; but thus far, I wasn’t able to discover where the name came from…


If you’re interested to learn more about the XNA Framework, visit XNA FAQ at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/xna/aa937793.aspx.