What is Iron Architect?

Iron Architect is a contest based on your architectural skill.  We give you a challenge -- details on a system we'd like you to architect. Much like the Iron Chef, you receive the ingredients and have only a very short time to respond and present your solution. You match wits against your peers to see who can architect the best system to address the challenge.

What is the challenge?

Please see below -- the challenge is outlined in detail.

What is the prize?

Our Iron Architect contenders will be competing for:

  • one grand prize:  a Microsoft Certified Architect certification (valued at $10,000)
  • two first prizes: Uniden Win1200 cordless internet phone -- you can connect it both to your landline and your computer to phone Microsoft Live Messenger contacts

How do I sign up?

Submit your proposal to ironarch@microsoft.com by Wednesday at 6. 

When are submissions due?

Wednesday, 6 June, at 6:00 p.m.  (that should be easy to remember -- the 6th at 6!)

What do I submit?

A PowerPoint presentation or Word document outlining your solution.  Remember that the final presentations are 5 minutes in length -- so please keep your submission to what you can present in 5 minutes.  We suggest 5 or fewer slides, if you submit in PowerPoint.

What happens after I submit?

Your proposal will be reviewed by our panel of judges on Wednesday night, and if you are a finalist you will be notified Wednesday night asking you to get ready to present your proposal in the final showdown on Thursday, 7 June at 4:30 p.m. in the ARC Track interactive theater (Blue Interactive Theater 9).

What is the "final showdown"?

The final showdown is where our finalists present their solutions to our panel of three judges (who will not be dubbed into English...unlike Iron Chef).  Each finalist gets 5 minutes to present and then takes questions from our judges.

When is the final showdown, and can I just watch?

Please come by the ARC Track interactive theater (Blue Interactive Theater 9) at 4:30 on Thursday, 7 June to see our finalists go head to head for the title of 2007 Iron Architect!  (and of course you can just watch -- cheer them on!)

Can I see all the final submissions?

All submissions -- and the winner list -- will be posted on this blog.  So stay tuned!

Whom do I contact with questions?

  • Stop by the ARC Track booth in the Blue area in the Technical Learning Center at Microsoft,
  • or email ironarch@microsoft.com