October, 2006

  • IronPython Blog

    IronPython Sample: Pyc

    This sample shows developers how to create .NET executables directly out of IronPython scripts. The readme.htm in the download ( download page : IronPython-1.0-Samples-Pyc.zip) will get you started. IronPython’s Hosting APIs can be used to compile Python...
  • IronPython Blog

    IronPython Sample: Direct3D

    This sample, written by Lee Culver, provides a step-by-step, comprehensive tutorial on creating graphical applications using managed DirectX API(s) from IronPython. It will teach you how to: Load and render DirectX meshes Position, rotate, and...
  • IronPython Blog

    Upcoming IronPython Talks

    There are few upcoming talks that I’d like to announce: First, at the ASP.Net Connections in Vegas, David Ebbo is giving a talk that'll be worth attending and will cover how to use IronPython in ASP.Net applications. AMS301: Developing ASP.NET Web...
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