Someone recently forwarded me this article on about the SqlXml Managed Classes.  It was a nice little article giving a simple introduction on the usage of our managed classes along with a very simple mapping.  Certainly enough to get people interested in looking for more info.

The more interesting part of the aricle for me though was this:

“By now you probably know that SQL Server 2005 (formerly code-named "Yukon") will include tight integration between SQL Server and the .NET Framework, as well as new XML features. But did you know that Microsoft regularly releases a library of .NET and XML add-ons that works with SQL Server 2000? Called SQLXML, this library can help you with quite a few XML-related tasks.”

It reminded me of something that has been a topic of discussion around the group here lately - the delta between Sql Server 2000 and Sql Server 2005 XML features is actually quite large, larger than you might think if you consider all of the SqlXml web releases.  All of the feature we have worked on and release over the last 5 years will be included in SS2k5, making it a long list of new XML technologies for Sql Server.  Consider all we've done since 2000:

Web Release 1:

  • Updategram
  • Bulkload

SqlXml 2.0

  • Annotated XSD (instead of XDR)
  • Client-Side FOR XML
  • SqlXml Managed Classes
  • Diffgram Support

SqlXml 3.0

  • Web Services Support

Current release - SqlXml 3.0 SP2

  • ID Propagation Support for Bulkload
  • NULL Support for Web Services

That's not a bad list.  Hopefully we'll be able to add a few more things to it to really make Sql Server 2005 special.  All leading toward my future plan - “SqlXml - Now includes Sql Server!”