The past couple of weeks I've been working on my slide deck and demos for Tech Ed (DAT 405 if you're coming).  My biggest concern is to make sure that my talk isn't stale.  I want to ensure that anyone who comes, whether they're brand new to SqlXml or they've used it for years, gets something out of the talk.  Therefore, I'm approaching it a bit differently.

Usually we give the standard history of SqlXml, go through each feature, explain what it does, one or two small demos and an “application” demo which usually consists of a small winforms app and a few lines of code that fill a text box with XML.  This year though I've (we've, to those who've helped put it together) tried to focus more on real-world application scenarios. 

For example, for one of my demos I've taken Dare's RSSBandit  news aggrigator and SqlXml-ified it.  In this demo alone I get to cover Annotated XSD, XPath, Managed Classes, Updategrams, and Bulkload.  Making it even better is that you can see how each of these fit into an actual application rather than just a form with some text and buttons.

Oh, and I think the other demo will be Andy Conrad's excellent work on using SqlXml to create Decoupled Domain Models (apparently this is the new buzz word for the old buzz word of “business objects“. 

I'm hoping that this will be a much more enjoyable way to present the capabilities of SqlXml, both for me so I don't have to talk about slides for 45 minutes and for attendees so they (YOU!) can see SqlXml in action rather than just listening to these abstract thoughts.

So, come by and meet me, pound me with all those buring questions I know you have, yell at me for not having feature X, or just come out for drinks.  Webdata as a while will also have a booth there, I encourage you to come check it out.