So I was hoping to have updated the blog a bit more during the week, but the internet access in the Cabana areas was iffy, and sitting back in the room here I usually just fell asleep.  This was my first Tech Ed US (I went to Barcelona last year) and I can say that it was very tiring but also very enjoyable.  I just got back from the big party at Sea World and some drinks with friends, and thought that I'd throw down my thoughts before enjoying a well-deserved nights rest.  You can see some stuff from the trip on my personal blog here.

Overall, I thought the conference was great.  Every attendee I've talked to seems to agree and has told me that they've found it to be very well run and very valuable.  Always makes you good to hear that MS is doing well, so thanks to any and all of you who came out to see us.

Booth duty was probably the most tiring part, standing up for 3 hours at a clip.  Data Access seems to be a a bit of a nitch area - either you love it a lot and have a deep, technical issue or you don't care about it at all.  So, our visitors tended to be fewer, but always great quality when they stopped by.  It was a great chance to hear how folks are using our stuff and answer some questions. 

The Cabanas were a great idea too - a bit more inimate area in which to sit and chat and answer questions.  It was a great place to hang out though the internet access was kinda iffy for me.  It was great that customers could come find us whenever they needed a SQL question answered. 

My talk went pretty well I think.  Probably had 80-100 folks in the room, not bad for the last session on Thursday right before the big party.  Thanks to Kent Tegels for the praise and great write up here.  I did purposefully skip details on the next SqlXml release, mostly because we're still defining it.  As a result of pushing back our mapping plans to post-Whidbey, SqlXml has gained a renewed interest as the client platform for XML and Yukon.  So, we're looking at what we can do to improve it.  Details to follow as I get them.

Here are some other folks who've been blogging on Tech Ed if you're interested (in no particular order):

And with that, I'm off to collapse into bed.  As promised, I'll get my sample code posted up ASAP, hopefully in the morning. 

Thanks again to all who attended.  Please feel  free to leave any comments/questions for me here.