Yes, for my faithful readers, I am still here.  It has been quite some time since I last posted, but I hope to make these much more frequently again.  Curious what I've been working on?  Well...

  • SqlXml 3.0 SP3 - We're fixing issues with SqlXml running on Windows Server 2003, including removing our dependency on the SOAP Toolkit.  This should be out this week.
  • SqlXml in Sql Server 2005 - Still working on that.  As anyone who grabbed Beta 2 saw, we're there! Now to finish nailing that down.
  • SqlXml Long Term - We had planned on a new mapping stack in Whidbey, but that was cut due to varying circumstances. However, there are those of us who still believe greatly in a mapping technology as well as the need for tools and components which shred XML into ANY other form.  I'm currently investigating the possibilites there.
  • .Net Framework 1.0 SP3 & 1.1 SP1 - I was the System.Xml contact point for the Framework's recent service packs, so I spent lots of time running around with shipping resposibilities.

As you can see, I've managed to keep myself pretty busy lately. 

New Responsibilities

As Dare mentinoed, he is leaving our group for greener pastures and is leaving me the Xml Dev Center on MSDN to run.  I'm very excited about this opportunity and have already formed some plans for updating it.  Current thinking has the Dev Center becoming more dynamic with links to latest KB articles, downloads, conference information, maybe standards information, etc.  I hope to make it a one-stop shop for any XML related information you need.  Of course, the biggest thing is to make everyone out there happy with it and make it useful for you. So if you have suggestions for me, please leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see!