Apparently there's been a bit of confusion out there lately about the list of deprecated technologies in the Data Access Road Map.  Both Ken and Bryant blogged about it, and I just wanted to clarify a few things:

- This article specifically referrs to SqlXml in MDAC.  That's the SqlXmlx.dll file that provides nifty things like Templates and Updategams through SqlOleDB directly.  This is actually a fairly old (1.0+) version of our code.

- SqlXml will be removed from future versions of MDAC, as in MDAC > 2.X.  SqlXml still provies its own OleDb provider that can be used with MDAC or SQLNCLI (in Sql Server 2005).  We will remain in the 2.X line.

- Notification Services has a dependency on SqlXml, but on the stand-alone version that contains Bulkload.  The MDAC plans should not affect this at all.

So, SqlXml will be hanging around for a while, have no fears.  Hope that clarifies a few things.