October, 2007

  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Webcast: Introduction to Spatial in SQL Server

    Hi Folks, Tomorrow morning ---1 November at 9:00AM PST PDT* ---I'll be giving a webcast on MSDN presenting the basics of the new spatial capabilities in SQL Server 2008. Tune in here . Cheers, -Isaac --- * I hate daylight savings time....
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    In or Out?

    I've been stalling, trying not to say too much about spatial until it's actually available. The code has all been in for some time now, but its been waiting for its release vehicle: the next CTP. Hopefully it should be in your hands in a few weeks. ...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Measurement Type

    I got an interesting Connect item recently asking for a measurement type. (Yes, we do read these!) Essentially, the request was for a unit-aware value. From the request: When we need to store measurements types in a table, we are faced with a problem...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Where's the Beef?

    One of the most common things people want to know about spatial support in SQL Server is when they can get their hands on it. While I don't manage the final CTP schedule, I can say that all of the bits are in (modulo a few DCRs and the inevitable bug...
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