January, 2008

  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Another Cool Tool

    Hi Folks, Oops! I missed another neat tool in my last post. Simon Sabin has created a utility called SpatialViewer that lets you draw geometries. Better yet, he's posted the thing to Codeplex so you can futz around with it. I'm always looking...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Some Cool Tools for SQL Server Spatial

    Hi Folks, I'm finally getting back in the rhythm of things after the hollidays. While I work on my next spatial indexing post, I thought I'd highlight a few very cool tools that people have built to work with SQL Server Spatial. Morten Nielsen has...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Mistakes Pay?

    Hi Folks, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention while I was on my end-of-year vacation, since I read right over the last paragraphy of Paul Ramsey's recent post : That kind of community responsiveness practically cries out for... a five pound...
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