May, 2008

  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Our Upcoming Builder API

    Hi Folks, We have one more upcoming pre-release before we're done with SQL Server 2008, and while I've posted a few articles about the coordinate order swap, there's another exciting piece we're releasing: our builder API. Let's say you wanted to write...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Coming to TechEd

    Hi Folks, I'll be at TechEd next week, so look me up if you're going to be in Orlando next week and want to chat.  Michael Rys and I will be giving an overview spatial presentation (DAT320) at 10:15 on Thursday, and I'll be showing off some development...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Evaluation Order

    A common general SQL question just popped its head up in the Spatial Forum : when presented with a SQL query, in which order are the parts executed? To be concrete, consider the following table and query: T: x 0 ...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Edges on the Globe

    Hi Folks, In previous posts about our new geography type, I've discussed ring orientation and too-large polygons , but there is much more information to mine. I'm going to continue here with a discussion of edges. This post may be a little dense for those...
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