June, 2008

  • Isaac @ MSDN

    RC0 is Out: Spatial Notes

    Hi Folks, As we continue to shut down SQL Server 2008, our first release candidate has been released . In addition, the RC0 of the Feature Pack, which includes the System CLR Types package, is available here . This package includes the spatial functionality...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    And the Conferences Keep Coming

    Hi Folks, As a vague part of what has become an ongoing spatial road show, I find myself in Vancouver, BC this week at the SIGMOD conference.  I don't know how many readers I have attending this event, but if there are any, please feel free to track...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Eye Candy of the Highest Order

    Hi Folks, One of the most common questions about the spatial support in SQL Server is how to visualize results. To illustrate the problem, consider a query over zip code data: select id, shapegeog from zipcodes where id like '981%' The results...
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