Gary Becker, University of Chicago Professor of Economics and Sociology and Nobel Laureate 1992  and Richard Posner have written a piece on the riots in France and how the French govt's 'stick' policy could be replaced by a 'carrot' policy to keep kids in school. ( . It is an interesting discussion.

For more on Professor Becker's work see . He is known among other things as someone who extended the domain of economic theory to cover aspects of human behavior - which used to be the domain of sociologists - thereby stimulating economists to look at new problems.

The South China Morning Post says this blog "has easily broken the world record for the most IQ on one single web site" I was part of a group of students who once won an auction to take a picture with Prof's Becker, Fogel and Lucas - all Nobel Prize winners while at the GSB - with those three in the picture I wonder if that would compete for most IQ in one picture - the presence of us students of course might have ensured a 'normal distribution' though:-)