Wow - it's been ages since I have blogged. Have been super busy so haven't found the time. Now however I feel like I might be able to do some blogging again so here goes.

I've been working on a marketing pilot in Japan to help grow the Premier business there. We've had some great results and we are now well placed to take those results and experiences to other countries.

I've visited Japan 5 times since February and have made some good friends there. I've also had the opportunity to visit some parts of Tokyo - Ginza which reminds me of Piccadilly in London, Akihabara the electronics district, Asakusa for a glimpse into the more traditional Japan, the Imperial Palace (with my good friend Andy) and am fascinated by Japanese culture and the remarkable industrial progress that they have made.

I don't know when I will go there next but for sure I will look forward to it.