Whew - it has been a pretty hectic past few months. The success with Premier in Japan has seen us work on replicating that elsewhere so I've been busy with travels - Brazil in october, the UK in November, Denmark and Germany in December.  

In Brazil I even managed to see a soccer game between Palmeiras and Corinthian's, two of the oldest clubs in Sao Paulo wtih a rivalry dating back to nearly a 100 years. I went with Fernando Matere and Wellington Comin from EPG after it was set up by  Andre Magno Pimentel, who in my very first meeting with him asked me if I wanted to watch a soccer game that evening - that I think tells us something about Brazilian hospitality. Matere then took me to his home for dinner before the game as well!!! Such warm hearted folks!

Had some very useful discussions around building the business in Brazil so we are on track to put together a customer outreach program there. Claudia Alves and Adrian Fernandes have been working closely with me on this over the past several months so much to look forward to there