We've been able to grow this program into an international one from it's beginnings in Japan last year. We've had two events in China - one in Jan in Beijing and one yesterday in Guangzhou. We are having a 3rd event in Shanghai on the 27th of March. Kelly Wang has been doing some great work on driving this in China with support from Aaron Shin and others.

We are also doing a joint Services and EPG event on March 28th in Sao Paulo. This will make March one of the most prolific months in terms of our customer outreach.

In April we cover Germany and Korea and in May, Canada, Australia and the US.

When I look back at this program, I'm amazed at the growth around the world - reminds me of the work that we did in MED as well with the Windows Embedded Student ChallengE - in year 1 it was a US only event, in year 2 we took it international - Billg even inaugurated the event. 

I worked on this program as a Pilot in Japan last year - it became quite successful and now we see it being rolled out around the world. I get to work on vteams with some great people from around the world which makes this so much fun.

Hirano-san in Japan alongwith Yuju-san and Kasai-san have done some stellar work - Dierk in Germany, Claudia and Paulo in Brazil, John, Suzanne, Pierre, Juan and Jay in Canada, Jeong and Bom in Korea, Kellie, Anu and Frank in Australia have all been putting in long hours. It's amazing to see the energy and drive of these talented folks. 

 In Microsoft I have with two separate programs been able to witness the ability of people to come together and make great things happen - it is a special place