Am in Sao Paulo where we had a terrific event today - there was standing room only in the venue and the attendees paid very close attention to the proceedings. Paulo Iudicibus and his team have worked very hard to make this a success- Paulo himself spoke eloquently and I noticed people paying close attention.  Claudia Alves, Cassia and Adriana have all worked very diligently and we have some GREAT initial results. Brazil as we all know is one of the high potential economies and one can see that energy in these talented people here as well.

Silvio Meira impressed with his insights and humor as well.

On the whole a terrific event!!Way to go team!! These are exciting times for Brazil.

People have asked me what I have seen of SP - so far it's just been the Hotel, the Office and the conference venue- on my last trip I went to watch a futebol (pls note the spelling Paulo Leocadio:-)) thanks to Andre Magno and Fernando Matere. Alexandre has promised to take me for a Brazilian meal tonight - that should be fun. Maybe tomorrow morning I should walk the streets a bit.

As I look out of the window of the office, perched on the 31st floor, I can see the city lights spreading far and wide below me. It is a big city - one of the biggest in the world and the center of commerce in Brazil and in fact in LATAM. And still so ripe with possibilities..