While in SP, Alexandre Arello took me to Foga De Chao for dinner - this is a speciality meats restaurant (churrascaria) where they bring you different kinds of meat in an all you can eat setting. If the coaster side facing up is green it means you want more and if you turn the red side up, it means enough.

The food was of course delicious but very soon I had to say enough.

But I kept thinking about their business model - it is in some ways like Southwest Airlines - based entirely on operational efficiency. You can if you choose start with a salad from the salad bar and then they will bring you the meats. So they decide what you eat, not you. Obviously means that they have a very good handle on raw material procurement and can get very good prices. Also they minimize wastage. There is also very little downtime - you sit down and the food is served - no time wasted with placing your order and then waithing for the food to come.

Impressive as the food is, what is even better is the economics behind this.