Am in Toronto now where we held a successful Premeir event yesterday - 19 carefully targeted customers attended a day long Premier awareness building event where we helped them understand all the cool aspects of this great offer (even though i say it myself, it really is a great offer)

We had Phil Sorgen, the President of Microsoft Canada inaugurate the event, Ron Withers Director of Enetrprise Services spoke about all the features of Premier, we had an industry analyst weigh in with his views on the nature of the business and then we had some terrific customer testimonials. These customers were really able to show better than any marketing that we can think of, what the real value of Premier is.

 This was 5 months in the planning and was a lot of hard` work indeed. I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know people like John Rukavina, Suzanne Battiston, Jason Bartlett, Pierre Collins and Maxim Artemenko the last of whom kept puzzling over how I could have a Russian name:-) Turns out he is a big fan of Mithun Chakravarty as well, one of Bollywood's famous film stars.

The team did this while holding regular day jobs which makes their commitment even more creditable.

Pierre and I went to 'The keg' after the event and had a nice celebratory meal.  

Erica Thode who works with me in Redmond spent many hours reaching out to customers and ensuring that there was a good turnout. She too has shown great commitment towards making this a success.

Dickson 'the dude' Co also helped with some number crunching as we analyzed the market to understand size of opportunity.

So now that the event is over we can look back at the effort and say that it was time well spent. In the days ahead, we'll no doubt see some tangible business results as well.

Next stop Sydney where the team has been hard `at work as well. I'm sure that will be another biggie .....