I have taken a new job within Microsoft as the Regional Lead for Search and MSN Marketing for the Americas. I therefore will join a team that is focused on our Google compete initiatives.


I am of course excited to join this team in a business that is very strategic to Microsoft.  I will leave with very fond memories of my time here. I feel proud of the work and our achievements in this time. Starting with our work in Japan where a large part of the business in FY’07 came from the Premier penetration effort and continuing with similar campaigns in China, Brazil, Korea, US, Canada and Australia, we were able to build deep awareness of the Premier value proposition among our ‘hot prospects’ and generate significant business wins. In addition many of the MQP’s that we have identified will no doubt close in FY’08 so the results of the work will endure.


I’d like to thank several people for giving me the opportunity to work in this role – Harco Enting for hiring me into the team and giving me the opportunity to work on the Japan pilot which started it all, Hardeep Walia for initial guidance and support, Ken Durham and Jeremy Korst, my managers for believing in this work and for encouragement, Andy Beadle for being a good partner with the work in Japan, Dickson Co for partnering with me in doing the data analysis, Erica Thode for her work in ensuring successful execution after she joined the team and others in the WW Enterprise Services Marketing team. Eric Stathers and Jack Litewka were two others who paid attention to the work and offered encouragement.


I’d especially like to thank my colleagues in the different subsidiaries with whom I’ve had the privilege of working. In Japan Yuju Mizushima, Hiroki Fujibayashi, Kenichi Motoyoshi, Kiyoshi Kasai, Kentaro Hayashi and  Naomi Mita. Hirano-san was wonderful to work with and Darren Huston was never short of encouragement. In China, Aaron Shin, Kelly Wang, Spencer Loh and Jason Wu were wonderful partners. Kelly Wang worked tirelessly and Aaron was very supportive of our efforts. In Brazil, Andre Magno Pimentel, Claudia Alves Silva, Adriana Fernandes and Alexandre Arello were strong partners. Paulo Iudicibus was wonderfully supportive and committed to success. Francisco Aguilera in the LATAM regional office provided encouragement. In Germany I worked closely with Dierk Otte and in the US with  Tricia Flynn and Brad Miller. In Canada, John Rukavina, Suzanne Battiston, Jason Bartlett, Pierre Collins and Maxim Artemenko were great to work with and Gladstone Grant was very supportive. In Australia Kellie Blackall and Anuraag Mohan deserve special mention for their excellent efforts. Frank Lucarelli was another person who stepped up.


Working with all these people to pull off successful Premier penetration campaigns in country after country has been a wonderfully energizing experience. I will cherish the memories and look forward to staying in touch.


Thank you all!!