June, 2008

  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    More thoughts on Bill

    So it's evening now and Bill must have left. The farewell was well done - they videotaped many employees asking him questions and Bill tried to answer as many of them as he could. Steve would often add his thoughts as well and it was obvious what a good...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Bill's last day at Microsoft

    I'm watching Bill's farewell live in one of the cafeteria's. Bill is speaking right now and is talking about how the industry has evolved - I've heard this before but today is special because you realize that he was a big part of that and I may not get...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Five Years in Microsoft

    It's almost a year since I posted a blog entry but today is a special day. I have completed 5 years in Msft today. On June 23rd 2003 I started work here just one week after graduating from B school and here I am now after 5 years. When I look back it...
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