This is an amazing company! The kind of people we get here - recently Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam , former President of India came visiting and spoke to us about his dream for India and how he hopes it can be transformed into a developed country by the year 2020.

For those not familiar with Dr Kalaam, he was one of the pioneers of India's space movement and the very first satellite that was launched was done under his stewardship - so he is someone who walks the talk.

What impressed and even surprised me a bit was the amount of emotion in the room - one person spoke about how it was a dream come true for him to be in the same room as Dr Kalaam. Someone else mentioned that Dr Kalaam has been his childhood hero and so on. The respect for Dr Kalaam and his accomplishments shone through.

All it took to attend was to take a shuttle from one building to the next - wish they had a larger room though since I had to wait outside and watch on a drop down screen...