I just had Verizon FIOS TV installed and I have to say that I am impressed at the quality of the HD video.  The service is reliable (so far) and despite a few install hiccups, I have running for a week now. 


The play by play:

  • Got a call from a Verizon tele-rep. offering me a package to come back to their phone service.  Is used to pay > $60 so I said no.  They offered a deal for $33.95 to "get me back as a customer" (which I found out later was a sales tactic).
  • Got a flyer in the mail stating that FIOS TV is available.  Thought to myself, I'll have phone, cable and internet on the same bill, cool.  Sign me up.  The Installation was scheduled for 3 weeks out. Bummer but I could wait.
  • Installer arrives and drops 2 bombs on me, 1) You need a set top box for every room, 2) and we need to install ANOTHER router.  Time to re-arrange my daughters cabinet to make room for the new addition.
  • Router is installed and TV is working but I now have a mess on my internal network.  I worked hard to reduce the complexity of my network down to 1 router from 3 and now I have 3 again (Vonage, new Verizon router and some Verizon box thing. It looks like a modem but it could be big brother)
  • Finally, network re-configured, all PC's up and running and TV is crystal clear.
  • Now, BrightHouse phone does not work. Have to call BrightHouse and have them check my cable phone. I bet Verizon knocked it out, hehe.


  • Crystal clear picture, HD quality is like glass on my TV
  • Number of channels is awesome, many more in the basic than Bright House
  • Upgraded to the DVR
  • They gave me a new wireless router and power strip for free!!


  • DVR interface is terrible.  Why can't companies license TiVo for all DVR's.
  • They have to add a router to your network. Another potential security you have to configure.
  • DVR CANNOT CHANGE THE ASPECT RATIO FOR NON-HD CHANNELS!!  This sucks bad because now I have the "squishies" on my TV and I can't get rid of them.
  • No TeleMundo.  I have a Spanish speaking family and we watch a lot of Telemundo.  Not anymore.
  • If you are going to have it installed, let them know if you have any other devices in house (cable phone, Vonage, etc)


Overall, I LOVE MY FIBER!!  Verizon if you're reading, give me my video uncompressed, allow me to remove the squishies and license TiVo for your set-top boxes.