I started playing around with Vista Beta 1 this week and between the flashes of user security prompts, I actually like it so far.  I decided to install Virtual Server R2 and with the help of the virtual PC guy, I got VServer installed and running.  My next step was to get my MOSS 2007 Beta 2 VPC's running.  I have 2 images, a DC and a 2007 server.  At first they could not see each other.  Here is what I did:

Vista Host

  • Installed the MS loopback adapter on the host (don't know if this is required)
  • Enabled the Virtual Machine Network Service on my wireless adapter (don't know if this is required)
  • Added a host entry for my MOSS 2007 virtual server (you must run visual notepad as administrator to edit this file)

VServer Master configuration

  • Added a new virtual network called "Wireless" and bound it to my wireless card
  • On each virtual server configuraiton, configured the virtual network adapter to connect to wireless


  • Assigned each server a fixed IP on the same network segment as my host
  • Fixed the DNS records on the DC

Now I can RDP to the virtual servers and browse my MOSS instance from the Vista Host.  I still can't browse the internet using my virtual servers (working on that) but at least they can talk to each other.