Here are the OOB styles and the matching HTML tags that should be implemented on every CMS engagment.  They are used by CMS to allow content contributors to format text when adding content.  They are also used to format the display of the content when it is copied from another source such as Word.  You should override all of these styles by specifying the presentation in the style sheet to ensure site consistency.

CMS authoring style CSS Style
Normal = BODY {}
Paragraph = P{}
formatted = PRE{}
address = ADDRESS{}
h1 = H1{}
h2 = H2{}
h3 = H3{}
h4 = H4{}
h5 = H5{}
h6 = H6{}
Numbered list = OL{}
1. numbered list item = LI{}
Bulleted list = UL{}
Bullet list item = \*Same as LI*Directory List = DIR{}
Directory List Item = \*Same as LI*Definition term = DT{}
definition = DL{}
Menu = MENU{}
Bold = STRONG{}
Italic = I{}
Underline = U{}
Hyperlink = A:link{}
= A:active{}
= A:visited{}
= A: Hover{}