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  • Blog Post: Verizon FIOS TV Update

    I just had Verizon FIOS TV installed and I have to say that I am impressed at the quality of the HD video. The service is reliable (so far) and despite a few install hiccups, I have running for a week now. The play by play: Got a call from a Verizon tele-rep. offering me a package to come...
  • Blog Post: I just want a POP!

    Tonight at the hotel, I was in search of a pop (I'm from the Midwest so pop=coke=soda). So what do you do? First you check the hotel concierge book and look for where the pop machines are right? Normally they are located right next to the ice machines and in this hotel; they were on each floor next to...
  • Blog Post: Stupid rules of the week

    I read the disclaimer on an email that was sent to me and and it states: "If you are not an intended recipient of this e-mail, please notify the sender, delete it and do not read...". How does the sender expect me to comply with this disclaimer if I have to read the email in order to know there is a...
  • Blog Post: My first "real" blog

    Hello from me. After some brief stints on blogspot and MSN, I am finally set up with a real blog.
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