We (the WPF test team) are looking for several engineers, so I wanted to use the blog to point to the available positions in the team and give you a brief outline of the opportunities and responsibilities associated with each position.


Software Development Engineer in Test

(see official job posting)

As a SDET on the team you'll be responsible for ensuring the high quality of the WPF platform, by being the first and most critical customer of the platform, by being the first application developer using the new features introduced in WPF.

An accomplished SDET on our team is...

  • a world-class CS engineer;
  • an expert application developer, passionate about UI;
  • a feature expert, with deep knowledge of specific parts of the WPF stack (e.g. Controls, Application Model, Graphics, etc.);
  • fundamentals expert, with deep knowledge of software fundamentals such as security, performance & scalability, globalization/localization, accessibility, etc;
  • passionate about code quality, passionate and capable code and design reviewer;
  • striving on living on the absolute leading edge (and sometimes bleeding edge :) ) of the WPF technology;
  • a capable problem solver and having great sensitivity and zeal for discovering and fixing quality issues in the platform;
  • an effective team player.

We are currently looking for both junior and senior SDETs. You don't have to be all of the above in order to apply. You just have to be passionate, smart and willing to learn.


Software Architect

(see official job posting)

We are also looking for several software architects. Software architects are senior individual contributors with broad technical knowledge and experience, who are interested in having broad influence rather than being deep area experts.

A successful software architect on the team is:

  • an experienced software engineer with broad knowledge and appreciation of advanced software design and development techniques;
  • a passionate "code librarian", driving high code quality, as well as proper architectural layering, componentization and reuse across the organization;
  • a fundamentals champion and driver;
  • a technical leader and mentor;
  • an effective design and code reviewer;
  • very friendly and approachable. Willing to be randomized by folks asking for technical guidance and advice.

The Software Architects work closely with the managers and with other senior individual contributors on the team to form a coherent technical vision and strategy, matched with a pragmatic execution plan.


If you think you have what it takes to be successful in one of the best teams at Microsoft and you feel you are ready for a change, drop me a line. We offer working on the most advanced UI platform shipped by Microsoft to date, working alongside some of best and brightest engineering brains in the industry, a supportive and friendly team and practically limitless career growth opportunities.