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About Random debugging goodies - (Jackson Davis's Blog)

I'm a developer on the Visual Studio Debugger team. In this blog, I'll be discussing debugging techniques as well as fun topics about debugger implementation, and supporting the new Visual Studio Debug Engine Sample.

Here's a quick FAQ: 1) Yes, it really does rain that much in Seattle. It's kind of like living in a sponge. 2) No, I've never met Bill, but I have been seen him in person 2a) Yes, I have met Steve (well, more like a chance encounter on a basketball court), but I highly doubt he remembers it 3) Favorite color? Blue 4) Favorite Burrito? A little stand in San Diego. Ask me sometime if you really want to know. 5) Best skateboard trick ever landed? 360 shoveit kickflip off a seven set of steps. 6) If I were in a beauty pagent, my talent would be showing the judges how to find M57 the ring nebula in Lyra.

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