December, 2004

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When I decided to try this blogging thing years ago, I was looking for a theme, a subject, something with continuity. I first started with “Smart Client” as I believe this experience (Occasionally Connected) is the right experience that bridges the local resources of a PC with the power of connectivity (Intranet and Internet).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Then I wrote about everything .Net. I wrote about .Net framework/CLR releases, Tools, Extensibility, Add-in’s, Versioning, etc.. <o:p></o:p>

So now I have finally realized what my blog is really about.<o:p></o:p>


My blog is about my career and life’s journey. I guess in some respects it is a journal or diary of sorts. I often wondered why anyone would care what I’m doing or have done, but I think there is value in sharing ones experiences so that others may (?) benefit. I hope you find value in my sharing.


  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    Thin Clients - Web clients

    The late 1990's saw growth in the Internet through the utilization of an underutilized network infrastructure and the browser wars. PC's were everywhere and they contained an application Host (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, etc..) for running code (script). Corporate...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    Taking advantage of the distribution of power - Rich Clients

    The superior usability of the PC with its mouse for input and the ability to quickly relay information in a language neutral manner via a graphical user interface became the client platform with which we could develop rich applications. These applications...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    Let's get personal

    Around the late 1980's Personal Computers (PC's) were starting to provide functionality suited to individual user usages like word processing and spreadsheet functionality. This brought processing and data storage down to the user and away from the central...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    We get smarter as we evolve

    Back in 1984 I was attending college and the classes reflected the current computing architecture. I took Assembly, Cobol, CICS, and DL1. Assembly and Cobol where the languages of choice for mainframe applications. Cobol was a higher level language and...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog


    The idea of what constitutes a Smart Client Application and the architecture to support this model very much chronicles the evolution of my career. So I decided to blog about this subject in the hopes of sharing, debating, and contributing to this evolution...
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